The Vines

11 October 2016

Naturalizer boots, Banana Republic jacket, Primark skirt

If I could be one place right now, it’d be exactly where I am. I used to spend way too much time wishing I was on a beach, on a private plane, or “further” along in my career, until I realized that becoming happy with your life (and who you are) stems from becoming content with the present.

Once you stop worrying about life factors like money, status, and relationships, you become immediately more satisfied with the life you’re living. I find so many people constantly talking about how they wish they were doing something different with their life. What do I tell them? Go do it. Stop coming up with excuses. Start following your dreams, experimenting with new opportunities and experiences, and save your money.

That may be a lil too much inspiration for a Tuesday, but I figured there is always someone out there that needs to be told that following your dreams is always acceptable.

Also, I turn 19 on Saturday. My week of unlimited cupcakes begins now.



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