New Year’s Eve in H&M

6 January 2016

For the majority of my life, New Year’s Eve was never a big deal. People host exquisite events, parties, and gatherings to ring in the new year: I’d rather just stay home and watch a movie.

Something I learned in 2016 is that your overall happiness is determined by the people you surround yourself with. Most of you already know that I was bullied and didn’t have many close friends during the majority of my public school days, which is unfortunate, but taught me so much about the type of people I need to surround myself with.

Since I *rarely* manage to maintain any relationship with a guy for a full year, I’m usually kissing no one at midnight. When you’re surrounded by all these teenagers making out with their boyfriend, how do you avoid getting totally down!?

But I’m an adult this year, which means taking matters into my own hands at planning the best trip to ring in the new year with my best friends. No boys, no drama (okay, just a little bit), and no regrets.

For our last two nights in Montreal, we stayed at the Auberge St. Jacques. A motel situated just a few minutes outside of the city, Auberge offered to host me for the remainder of our stay in Montreal. After hailing a cab through the snow storm to check in, we were directed to a room on the first level of the property. It’s more of a motel than a hotel, but it’s nothing like your average Motel 6…it’s chicer, warmer, and more intriguing. The rooms are modern and eclectic, even though the outside of the motel doesn’t scream “Four Seasons”, the rooms are close enough. If you’re heading to Montreal with friends and are looking for an affordable place to crash, I highly recommend the  Auberge St. Jacques.

The besties and I pre-gamed a bit in our room before heading to the dopest NYE party in Montreal, Fluid. A decent amount of under 21 year olds head to Canada for New Year’s Eve because we’re legal there, so there’s no issue when it comes to getting into clubs and concerts. I ended up getting in touch with the owner of Fluid, and he invited us to come and party the night away at the nightclub. If you thought New York City clubs are something else, you’d better start preparing yourself for Canadian ones…

Hopefully you guys had much fun on December 31st as I did, and for those of you ladies still torn up about being single, remember you’re not alone. Ladies stick together, am I right?


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