Double Take

29 July 2015

Wow, I didn’t expect to be heading to London on Saturday. If you’re looking for unexpected, welcome to my life. I’ve never run around and had less sleep than I probably have in the past 3 days. After finding out the only flight I could get to Spain was with a 4 day layover in London, I decided to take up the opportunity to organize a few days in one of my favorite cities. I’ve lined up some great sponsors to work with too, like Fujifilm and British Airways, so a month abroad will be interesting for me, and you! Follow along with myself + Fuji, for an exciting giveaway at the end of August!

On top of leaving for a month, I’m making a move from Manhattan to a new city, and finding an apartment in this place isn’t too easy. I’ll be relying on Megabus to assist with my back and forth travel, since they are one of my top travel companies after all. Don’t you wish you could hire someone to run your life for you, so you could spend your time actually living it?

Before I travel to any city, I usually like to remind myself what the street style in the destination is like. I’m familiar with London, after spending a few weeks there for Fashion Week in February, but Barcelona, Greece, and Istanbul are new territories for me. I’m expecting to live in the $20 J.Crew espadrilles I bought a few days ago, and the airy Nasty Gal dress that was in my last post, since the temperature is 100 degrees everyday. Any advice?


Miss Fashionista


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