An Evening with Nautica

29 June 2015

I’m in an Urban Outfitters dress and Naturalizer sandals

Last week, I attended the Nautica Oceana City & Sea Party on the rooftop of the Gansevoort Park. I was in a total last minute rush, so I threw on this $20 Urban Outfitters dress with my lace tank top underneath. When my mom caught drift of these pictures, she was a little shocked for how “exposed” her teen daughter was, but I always say “mom, this is expected in the fashion industry.” You’ve got to take risks to keep pushing yourself to succeed and reach your most fashionable point.

There’s something about NYC rooftop parties that always gets me. I’m obsessed with the type of trendy and totally overrated people that attend them, yet a major fan of their (usually) on point DJ and assortment of classy appetizers. At these types of parties, you can get away with wearing a ball gown or a pantsuit, and you’ll fit in the same either way. How cool is that?


Miss Fashionista 


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