Brooklyn Graffiti

31 January 2015

Sperry Topsider boots, Asos turtleneck, Vintage scarf

Besides the fact that my roommates wake me up around 4 AM every single day (over the past few weeks, I’ve learned that I fall asleep to the sound of rain soundtrack on Spotify, ocean waves don’t do it for me) living in NYC has been nothing but a dream. Unlike CT, where I continued to feel sheltered and uninspired, New York is just another place. I wake up in the morning actually excited to work, go to meetings, and dress up in something other than sweatpants. Or, at least if I’m wearing sweatpants, there is a blazer on top…

Yesterday, my two close friends Becky and Rebecca came to Brooklyn, and we met at one of Brooklyn’s trendiest joins: Five Leaves. You’ve probably seen their insane honeycomb ricotta banana pancakes on Instagram, so I felt like I hadddd to try them, for the insta, of course. They were up to par. Rebecca and Becky got the avocado toast and kale salad, which was also tasty. I had a job interview prior, so I was wearing a vintage skirt and $10 Asos turtleneck all day. For a look under $40 (not including the boots), I’d say comfort and sophistication was hand in hand. 


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