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21 December 2014

Last week, I headed to Boston to visit my favorite people over at Life is Good. I’m a huge fan of the company, and we had discussed meeting/collaborating for quite some time now, so it was exciting to finally have the chance to be with the team and get creative juices flowing!

I headed over to downtown Boston pretty early in the morning, and spent almost my entire day touring the offices, meeting the team, and getting lunch (salmon + soba noodle salad with dumplings) across the street. I’ve never met such a passionate, intricate, and experienced team like Life is Good. Every single design is made in studio, and the employees are exuberant, funny, and incredibly interesting people to talk with. Most of them hail from “boring” corporate companies, like Hollister and J.Jill, and they all said the reason they switched to Life is Good was because they wanted to have fun with their job. No one at Life is Good is sitting at their desk filing paperwork for hours upon hours. The founders encourage workers to go out for lunch, sit outside, or head to the gym on their daily break. Can I work at Life is Good?

Not to mention, the office is INSANELY rad. Items are all decked out in wood, and there is a fancy bar and stage setup for when they host events. There is minimal color around the office, yet the staff are all the color the environment really needs to shine. That’s how cool they are.

After a crazy busy and exhausting day, I headed to Sonsie for dinner, on Newbury Street. We feasted on the most incredible gnocchi, brie and butternut squash pizza, and pumpkin gluten-free desserts. My favorite part? The gnocchi, along with the healthy and light fish of the day that was suggested to me. I definitely needed to refresh after a long work day with a bunch of veggies and some lean protein. No perfect work day is finished before a few rounds of dessert, though. 


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