Stepping Up

Reverie New York dress, 9th and Elm bag, Guess heels, RumbaTime watch 

*pictured above with designer Tess Giberson at STLFW*

Over the past few months, my entire world feels like it has changed. I turned 17, went to St. Louis for Fashion Week and met some of my closest friends (as well as seriously embarrassed myself on TV!), and began the long journey to figuring out my next year, which includes the dreaded college chapter.

Through these new adventures, my style has continued to evolve. When I first began blogging at 12 years old, I was wearing furry Uggs and purple skirts (bless my highly unstylish soul) which then proceeded to combat boots and faux leather pants mid-way through high school, and now, as I move on to college and finish up online school, is changing from Uggs to patent leather heels, and frilly skirts to sexy, skin-tight dresses. Some may call this a progression of time, while I just call it the beginning of an evolution. 

I’ve also found that the more you come to terms with your body, and learn to accept every curve and imperfection, allows you to dress to feel good, not as much to look good. Wake up every single day, look in the mirror, and repeat the words “I am beautiful” to yourself. In a lifetime, people will call you more names than imaginable (fat, skinny, tall, short, ugly, pretty…you get the idea) but if your adoration of yourself comes from deep down, on the inside, one word will never be able to alter your mindset of yourself. Everyone in the world has something to offer, which is why what someone looks like will never be able to truly deter them from excellence. 


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